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When you are practicing JustInTimeProgramming, your approach is different. You write tests first and code afterwards. Wouldn't it be nice to have an environment which made that easier? How about a tool in which you write fixtures for test cases? Every method that you use on a class in a test generates a method body in the class under test. If you execute, you are immediately presented with the empty body and you fill it in. Kind of like KentBeck's method defining function in JustInTimeProgramming. As it stands, developers doing UnitTesting in C++ and Java end up having to do a lot of manual manipulation and jumping around. A tool should be able to infer types of method arguments from the call. If you want to change them to the types of base classes, that is fine too. It just seems that in many cases you shouldn't have to type the same things over and over.

-- MichaelFeathers

EclipseIde has some of these features. PleaseComment further.

-- DavidVydra

I agree with Michael. "I have a dream..." Some IDEs have tight integration with the type system of the language (syntax coloring, auto-completion, symbol lookup, etc.). How about an IDE that has tight integration with the TestingFramework? Envisioned workflow: Rationalle: if StaticTyping is tightly integrated into languages and IDEs to save time by validating changes at compile time (or even edit time), why not extend this to the more general validators of UnitTests.

Admittedly, a lot of this would have to be language specific. Smalltalk would probably be the easiest to implement, integrating into the RefactoringBrowser, but I would sure like to have something like this for C, C++ or Java.

-- IanOsgood


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