Text Mode Browser

Believe it or not, there are WebBrowsers that run entirely in text mode. Some people even prefer TextModeBrowsers.

These TextModeBrowsers are open-source: Advantages to using a TextModeBrowser: Advantages to making your web site TextModeBrowser-friendly/LynxFriendly:

After extensive market research (i.e. flamed consistently), I've determined that no programmers resource should be inaccessible by a TextModeBrowser, especially Lynx. Actually, site statistics still put Lynx in the top five browsers for my programmer-centric sites even today. I attribute this to Netscape's abysmal failure. Indeed, when I remade my website, I found it easier to support MSIE4+ and Lynx than Netscape. -- SunirShah

Question: Do pocket computers (and even PervasiveComputing) require even more stringent requirements than pure Lynx support?

Think small. Think very small.

Actually, as long as you don't create words/"grouped segments" that are wider than the display area of the pocket computer, Lynx compatibility should be sufficient. The rest will be word wrapped. Note that browsers that offer VT-100 rendered frames aren't sufficiently low-end to test with in this case because all you have is a purely linear rendering. --ss

And of course, text mode browsers do not have any computational restrictions -- they just have limited IO capabilities. On the other hand, pocket computers do have serious computational limitations but have in general a screen that is pixel-addressable. -- StephanHouben

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