Tgp Walled Garden Discussion

Discussion about the TgpMethodology WalledGarden listed on WalledGardens

A good (at least the best one present) entry point into that garden is TgpMethodology.

To the author of this page: What is the connection to the topics of this wiki? (See Following discussion)

Seems appropriately topical to me - software methodology. Would be nice to see more discussion, but perhaps that's what this page is an invitation to.

The creation of further interlinked pages alone doesn't make it really better. I fear this might become a WalledGarden. But at least some links to external material indicate that the author tries to make some connection to the WikiBody - but I still have the impression of WikiSquatting. -- GunnarZarncke

I think it can be assimilated, over time. I'm sure WikiGnome will slowly work their magic to allay your fears -- AndrewMccormick

Ok, I'll let it be. -- gz

I've changed my mind. This is just shovelware. If the methodology can't be distilled into one mostly-buzzword-free page, it's not going to add a lot of value. -- AndrewMccormick

It is pretty rude to call a page WikiSquatting before giving time to connect. It is totally OnTopic.

My point is/was not that it is not OnTopic, but that massive amounts of text are pasted into some pages, and those pages form a NotQuiteWalledGarden? only provisionally linked with CategoryAgile? pages (this has improved/is improving though). Also, I got (past tense) the impression that this was a disguised form of WikiSpam (with all those references to ArtwareSoft). Nonetheless, because it is OnTopic and other WikiGnomes have let it be, I will do so too. -- gz

This refactoring is coming along nicely! A few more passes, and I might actually be interested in reading ;)

It seems that you get quite something to read - the TGP WalledGarden now consists of 15+ pages.

Hmm - one notices most the slick marketing buzzwords and general style. Not just one

I said: Ok, I'll let it be. But in this current buzzword loaded form I think it would be better to MoveItElsewhere. .gz

I'm beginning to think I was mistaken in posting the following: It seems to me too, that it could be related. I have been planning for some time to expand the explanation of how the BankOfMontreal screened its staff to identify those that could learn to program, when faced with the problem of building BmoMech in the 1970s. I would be pleased to try to compare or contrast the historical and modern approaches. -- HansWobbe

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