The Crc Card Book

ISBN 0-201-89535-8 . Light, frothy and thorough discussion of how to do CRC. I liked it. According to the back of the book, so did Ward and Kent. --PeterMerel.

Authors: DavidBellin, SusanSuchmanSimone? Forewords by: KentBeck and WardCunningham

Copyright: 1997 Binding: Paper Pages: 320
Proponents of the object paradigm often say identifying objects is a simple and intuitive process. Experienced developers know that this is not always true. The solution is the CRC (Classes, Responsibilities, Collaboration) Card method, a proven technique for identifying classes and visualizing and testing different class-based models during the DesignPhase.
''Some days I'm just amazed at what people write books for. What's so hard to understand about CRC Cards that you need a $35USD book about them?''

The authors said everything I would have said in one chapter. Then for anyone who couldn't project that into their next project the authors go through the discovery part of a project in dialogue. Then the publisher asked for the hypothetical design to be worked out into code. That turned a thin book into a normal one. I still liked it. -- WardCunningham

As a customer who needs to help make requirements explicit... As a customer who needs to go through acceptance testing... As a project lead who isn't a programmer but who wants communication to go well between all roles and stakeholders... As someone who is increasingly working more closely with the development team, it's stuff like this that offers clues that may make life easier for me, so that I can do my homework and learn at a deeper level what's going on. -- MattSimpson


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