The Eighties

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A decade consisting of the years between 1980 and 1989, though many aspects of the eighties continued to exist prior to and after those years. Characterized by big hair, and lots of bad music.

...and let's not forget leg-warmers

...or headbands

...or the good music. More specifically, the 80's are distinguished musically from the 70's by the popularization of the synthesizer.

...or the Reagan & Thatcher school of politics

...or the fall of eastern-block totalitarian regimes.

Not to be confused with the Nineties, which were characterized by big hair (Country music), narcissism (the dot-com culture), lots of bad music, and Bill Clinton.

Well, 2001 is looking even worse for music with Britney Spears and others making music for 8 year olds.
I don't let my 8 year old listen to Britney! Or Christina or any of the rest. Sexualizing pre-teens is just plain icky. -- nbl

In the 1950's, TomLehrer talked about "rock-and-roll and other children's records."

Characterized by big hair, and lots of bad music.

Not to mention lots of good music. -- MikeSmith

I dare anyone to nominate a decade in any living person's memory that did not produce lots of terrible music. The recording industry excels most at producing awful music. But plenty of good music emerges despite the recording/radio industry hucksters. Is this another example of SturgeonsLaw at work?

Now fluffy hair, that's another story. That represents a historical low point. But as bad as it was, I think the clothing and hairstyle fashions of the 60's were more ridiculous, at least among the hippie culture.

I remember it for the CommodoreSixtyFour and other EightBit? computers...

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