The Famous Brett Watson

The Famous Brett Watson is a perpetual student of computer science and probability enthusiast, most noted for essays on MonkeyMath.

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In keeping with his usual stance on IntellectualProperty [1], all contributions this author has made to this Wiki system are placed in the PublicDomain (not just OpenAuthor, but no CopyRight at all). See also WikiCopyRights.

Nodes created by this author: TheFamousBrettWatson, PepperedMoth.

Do you find fame is all it's cracked up to be? (Haha)

More importantly, has fame found me to be all that I'm cracked up to be? It's all in the questions you ask, you know.

Zaphod? Is that you? Hey, Beeblebrox, what are you doing out in the backwaters part of this galaxy, man?

I'm sorry, I think you must have mistaken me for someone else. Or perhaps you were addressing my other head?

Not to stick you in the side, but along with the concept of RealNamesPlease there is general consensus to keep your UserName clear of nicknames. If you don't mind, do you mind referring to yourself as merely "BrettWatson?"? Surely you will become famous for your writings here anyway, so no worries. ;)

Whilst I appreciate the wish to maintain the use of real names, I have been regularly using the moniker "The Famous Brett Watson" for well over ten years now, and although using it causes confusion from time to time (as it was calculated to do), not using it would also create a substantial amount of confusion, as people who had actually heard of me would wonder whether this was in fact some other Brett Watson. In short, my defense is consistency. If you can find any instances where I have not included "The Famous" as part of my name, I will be happy to correct those, but not vice versa. In deference to Wiki protocol, however, I will make a point of not flaunting the name by signing my contributions (if any) in future, and I will unset my user name cookie.

Well, the obvious solution to that is to place on the page "BrettWatson?" that you were, in fact, TheFamousBrettWatson. If people wonder, they will click.

What's equally obvious is that I'd then be consuming even more WikiName space for the sake of a gratuitous name cross reference. I'll settle with a low-profile TheFamousBrettWatson for now.

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