The Heart Of Change

TheHeartOfChange by John Kotter

ISBN 1-57851-254-9 A 2002 book that communicated, by way of many real life examples, how different organizations succeeded in enacting dramatic changes in a timely fashion.

It is not usual for an organization of any size to have success in pushing through significant ChangeManagement programs. But they do exist and this sequel to the LeadingChange book goes to the heart of the matter, the "fire in the belly" that is needed in numerous people who has to work together for the transformation.

The eight steps towards successful change identified in the previous book were again applied here, and behavioural aspects are found to have pivotal importance.

The eight steps have natural precedence but can overlap:
  1. Increase Urgency
  2. Build the Guiding Team
  3. Get the Vision Right
    • VisionsAndStrategiesBeforeBudgetsAndPlans? for large scale changes
  4. Communicate for Buy-In
    • CommunicateWithDeedsInsteadofWords?
  5. Empower Action
  6. Create Short-Term Wins
    • aka QuickWins. Choose Wins that all can share same extent of excitement
  7. Don't Let Up
    • Continue with difficult problems by providing needed support for risk takers
  8. Make Changes Stick
These are all linked to real stories and morals which you can find in this small book.

Examples from field practitioners

three examples of bedding down difficult "dreams" see

Wrap initiatives inside concerns for individuals

Addressing WIFM (What's in It For Me) is very important, and best done when supported by good reason and logic. See Sep04 article of the same title at
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