The Little Prince

Book by AntoineDeSaintExupery. ISBN 0156012197

Or "Le Petit Prince" if you prefer the French original. Go for the version with illustrations by the author.

There is also a very nice "multimedia" adaptation, with 3D graphics (!) made from the author's illustrations (in French).
Saint Ex is one of my favorite writers. Although I never read him in French (only in English and in Polish). I first read TheLittlePrince when I was just a kid.

The other book by him that I really like and go back to every now and then is WindSandAndStars.

Did you know that he wrote "The Little Prince" while he was living in New York during WWII. -- RichieBielak
His philosophical tale Le Petit Prince is a masterpiece. It contains drawing from the author. It was brought on stage in Belgium by one of our best actors, casting a different Little Prince every night (for more than a year).

--- MartineDevos

His book, "The Little Prince", contains a pearl of wisdom:
	"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
		what is essential is invisible to the eye."
Think about what it means not only about life in general, but about programming (e.g. debugging) in particular.

-- JasonTarnover

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