The Netherlands

A beautiful country in the EuropeanUnion, with friendly people. They understand German, but German-speakers don't understand them (their language seems to be German, with randomly added funny syllables.)

It's very flat, making it the perfect country to BikeToWork. Especially since there are bike paths everywhere and fietsen have right of way over cars.

Parts of the country are under the sea-level (my prayers are with them should the sea-level rise one foot.) There is a plaque at the entrance to Schipbol, the main airport in Amsterdam, showing you how far the sea level is above your head.

Amsterdam has a large collection of Russian constructivist and futurist art, among others.

Hard to tell where the land ends and the water begins. God made the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands (and did a pretty neat job of it, too). They get extra credit for putting up with that rotten weather.

You're not much if you're not Dutch. (Seen on a bumper sticker.)

"The Netherlands", which translates to "the Low Countries" (literally, "down lands"), describes the area's geography. It lies at the mouth of the Rhine.

Home to PhilipsElectronics?, father of the CD player technology.

Holland is a place where nearly everything that the rest of us have been taught will lead to the breakdown of society is legal. They follow the simple ideal, "WhatYouResistPersists."

Therefore the country will probably have a huge crime wave soon and break down into anarchy...

It hasn't happened yet. Their violent crime rate is the lowest in the world...

This is probably just a fluke. Of course, with so many things legal, their society's obviously about to unravel into drive-by shootings, fathers killing hockey coaches, pampered sons running off to join Al Qaeda, etc...

The crime wave's coming - mark my words!...

Just any day now...

Honest ...

The execrable book The Undutchables attempts to describe Dutch culture, but of course all it does is draw a clear sharp picture of North American Puritanism at its snarling drooling worst. For some reason, racial epithets are okay these days if the targets are European Nordics, and for some reason the low crime rate never gets mentioned.

As a Dutchman, I would like to add some comments most people don't know about the Netherlands: Go see for yourself. Visit Amsterdam! ;-)

-- AlexVanDenBergh

I've been in the Netherlands at least 6 times and I usually avoided Amsterdam. Maybe it had too much of an "American" feel for me. I always liked Utrecht and the Achterhoek. -- DavidBrantley

Speaking as an American who has seen my friends commit violent crimes to raise money to pay off the fines imposed by asshole puritanical judges over victimless crimes, I certainly hope someday to visit the Netherlands. For a long, long time. ;-)

And don't worry about sea-level. Our 10,000 year interglacial is over and an ice age is starting. -- PhlIp

Rising sea-level sounds a bit easier to deal with.

Why does the English language use the word "Dutch" in so many phrases:

Partly because German settlers pronounced their country of origin "Deutsch", and we slurred it. And partly because the Dutch and the British were commercial rivals for a long, long time, and the British took every opportunity to slander their opponents.

There was an ongoing naval war between the British and Dutch during the 17th century, so a number of insulting epithets were coined. For example, Dutch courage - courage which only manifests because one is drunk, and is thus no courage at all. Some more ideas at,5753,-2041,00.html - NickFitzsimons

Right... that should be it... Yeah, sure. That must be the reason.... No really... ;-) -- AlexVanDenBergh

Funny, a page about Holland without one Dutch word... Groeten uit Naarden-Vesting everyone (Toine)
For those who read TerryPratchett there is something endearing about a language that has the word "ook".
2004.08.17 A rather emotional message that was here had to be clipped out for violation of nearly every one of the GoodStyle guidelines. In summary of it, there are at least a few dutch who are intensely unhappy with the current dutch government.

Mon. Feb 14 '04 'HAD to be clipped out for VIOLATION of ...' well well. To make sure my personal and quite informative, FACTUALLY based opinion can be read anyhow, see this page: , where I pasted it from the clipboard. Oh, and my name is TheoVerelst , what's yours ? I mean I stand for my opinion and think it is relevant, and don't mind attaching my name to it. If you get my drift. That's normal democratical GoodStyle. Let's use wiki's and the things lets say RichardStallman has given us for free and Good use properly and decently, shall we. Even though the dutch didn't exactly invent the DeclarationOfIndependence .

Well, they don't live up to it or so then? Isn't that what I'd mean, you think ?


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