The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times is the most cultured, literate newspaper in the world. If you can get past all the gratuitous self-referential in-jokes and pokes at lesser OtherBritishNewspapers? (sometimes quite personal).

The Sunday Times saved my sanity for the two years I was in Switzerland. After a whole week of the InternationalHeraldTribune?'s deadly dull (but oh-so-valuable) "just the facts", the Times came as a delightful breath of fresh air. -- KentBeck

A fairly right-wing British broadsheet newspaper, part of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, and known for often being a mouthpiece for his opinions, like the other newspapers that he owns.

It's strange that the newspaper often thought to be the highest quality mouthpiece of the media is printed by the same organization that owns TheSun - thought to be lowest quality (perhaps with the exception of TheSundaySport?).

(Not that strange. The Times has been in print since around the time of the FrenchRevolution. RupertMurdoch's acquisition of it was a prestige power play. Owning tabloids is a more direct form of power... IanHolmes)

Some of the most fiendishly difficult crosswords on the planet.

See what it had to say on Wiki in WabiSabi.

Ahem. There seems to be a bit of BritishCulturalAssumption going on here. As far as I'm concerned (along with a few tens of millions of others, I'd imagine), TheSundayTimes is the Sunday edition of the NewYorkTimes. (Of course, for tens of millions of other people, it's probably the Sunday edition of the LosAngelesTimes?.) -- MikeSmith

The main thing the British version has going for it, as usual, is history: The Times provides an uninterrupted 200-year chronology. It is, as pointed out, fairly right-wing. I don't know how its politics compare in real terms to the NewYorkTimes, but NoamChomsky certainly doesn't think much of either. -- IanHolmes

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