There Is Another Way

-Not this way, master! he pleaded. -There is another way. O yes indeed there is. Another way, darker, more difficult to find, more secret. But Smeagol knows it. Let Smeagol show you!

LordOfTheRings -The Two Towers- by JrrTolkien

Hmmm... Smeagol was a CowboyCoder, was he? They only ran into one bug after all...

A wise man sees two men head-butting a brick wall and making plaster fall. He says "There is another way". He leaves with the wall's gratitude while watching two men head-butting each other.
This plan fails in in four ways: There were three who involved themselves in a not so wise instance of ThereIsAnotherWay who in failing illustrated the importance of identifying goals which lead to winning strategies and actions.
Conversation overheard on Degobah between Yoda and Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - "No, there is another" see also

and LordOfTheRingsVsStarWars


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