Thinking Forth Tips

Everything old is new again. There are no new ideas. Modern software development is not so modern.

Here are some random tips (quoted verbatim) from the book ThinkingForth (published in 1984):

and that's just up to page 95 ;) -- ToddCoram

I seem to recall (although I can't begin to remember the page) another quote: -- GarryHamilton

The EwDijkstra page here attributes that one to him (Dijkstra).

I don't know whether Dijkstra said it first, but LeoBrodie did say that, on page 258 of ThinkingForth. He explains that, if you're just going to use a flag to choose between two data sources later, then just go ahead and save the correct value, rather than postponing the decision.

Similar tips follow: The advice is reasonable for any programming language, given his explanations. -- DougMerritt

This can also be seen as a primitive form of ReplaceConditionalWithPolymorphism, if you come from an OO background, or a more sophisticated form of ReplaceConditionalWithPolymorphism if you come from a functional background.

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