Three Letter Acronym

ThreeLetterAcronym can be further contracted to TLA, which is self-referential, or meta-referential. Where are Achilles and the Turtle when you need them?

TLAs are attempts by people in the IT industry to emulate the efficiency of computers. This does lead to efficiencies when communicating with other people who work in the same domain, but often obfuscates issues for non technical people (NTP) who tend to assume we are all elitist gits. --BryanDollery
Wiki doesn't underline acronyms, so you have to hunt around to find out what they mean.
ExtremeProgramming has an excellent ExtremeProgrammingRoadmap

If you need an acronym decoded, go to AcronymsOnTheWiki.

See also: ExtendedThreeLetterAcronyms
AIT (An Idle Thought): 17576 (26^3) possible (using the English alphabet). I wonder how many have been used up already?

There are two hundred and eight left.

Where are Achilles and the Turtle when you need them?

Achilles had overtaken the Tortoise, and had seated himself comfortably on its back. 'So you've got to the end of our race-course?' said the Tortoise. 'Even though it does consist of an infinite series of distances? I thought some wiseacre or other had proved that the thing couldn't be done.'


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