Throwaway Email And Rid Yourself Of Spam

ThrowawayEmailAndRidYourselfOfSpam is no crazy response to MailSpam?. Lots of ways moved from SpamDefenseRoadmap.

Here we talk about "throwaway email addresses" ("disposable email addresses") and similar techniques.

There seem to be 2 major types of throwaway email addresses: Some (but not) all services of both types allow you to "make up" new email addresses, even when you are far from any computer.

Forwarding services (you must give them your real email address ahead of time)

web services

A very WardIsh? idea, for one-off email addresses. Just send mail to and it will be there for you to collect for six or so hours. No setup, no login. No security, but you don't need it for the type of emails you send to it. You can make new email addresses even when you are far from a computer.

forwarding service *or* web service (depending on how you configure it) Use the bigfoot mail address, and they will send the mail to your real address. Additionally, they can route mail to multiple email addresses, and filter mail. No charge. Make sure you have cookies turned off. I lost count of the cookies from I rejected before finally turning cookies all the way off. How rude! -- RichardBash

I just have and routed to in my /etc/hosts file. For other sites that use's "services," it seems to help. -- SamuelFalvo?
Change yourself and your habits

Assuming that it isn't easy to defend your email address, you can change how you use it:

I have a simple policy: 2 email addresses. One for real people and entities that I'm already prepared to trust with my credit card. (It's very difficult to get on that list.) Another email address, beginning with the word "junk" for everything else that I can't abandon that requires an email address. This second email address is read by a script that deletes everything that doesn't come from a few designated senders.


no email address at all

I first parsed the title as "Throw Away Email -- Rid Yourself of Spam", which seems to advocate not having any email address at all. Like DonKnuth, who after 15 years of email, no longer has an email address. -- DavidCary

Veritas Software and other companies that have mandated "Email-Free Fridays". Supposedly, any email sent to someone at those companies on a Friday immediately bounces with a message about "Email Free Friday" and usually the phone number of that person. Is this true? AnswerMe.

Well David, DonKnuth does have a mail address. I have sent mail to him and received replies too.

Also, has RSS feeds. It's an excellent service and I have been using it for quite some time now.

But just today, I stumbled upon a site that won't accept a or address! Check Guess spammers are taking note of these services.

-- SiddharthaReddy?

According to, Don Knuth did have an email address for 15 years, until 1990. Then he stopped. Are you saying you emailed Knuth *before* he stopped, or are you saying that website is a pack of lies? :-) -- DavidCary

No, since "sent mail" isn't the same as "sent email".
Carrying on in ThreadMode... Being old enough to know how to fill a fountain pen, I marvel at how technology has managed to elegantly, seamlessly complicate our lives.


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