Tiddly Wiki Extension

TiddlyWikiExtension: I am not sure if this is quite the correct term, but I want to describe what I am doing and where I want it to lead. -- JohnFletcher
For some time now I have been using TiddlyWiki with some of the plugins described on that page and also linked via TiddlyTools. I have been using it as a PersonalWiki for the storage of ideas. I find such a tool very useful and one of the criteria I have for a good tool is that I can quickly get at it to record ideas on the fly while busy with other things. I also must have an easy syntax for creating links. TiddlyTools has those. I work with a number of interlinked files, so that no one file is very large. There is an overhead of storage as each file has to have the plugin set, but with large hard disks space and also regular cleanup of the backup files this is not a problem. I keep copies at home and at work and have to be disciplined to keep things properly in sync. I make a lot of use of tags. In particular each file has a tag on each tiddler saying which file it is in, as this is not obvious when seeing it from another file.
Wants which are driving further integration.
Achievement so far I am still searching out tools for my other wants. -- JohnFletcher

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