Tim Ottinger

Tim Ottinger has been producing software professionally since 1979,and has been active in OO newsgroups and patterns since about 1991. In addition to reviews and the occasional article in the C++ report or Object Magazine Online, Tim has provided training, design consulting, and development services. He's worked at some amazing companies including Computer Sciences Corporation (several divisions) and Object Mentor, both of whom he remembers very fondly.

Tim was at CSC a long time ago, then Object Mentor, then ITW Micro-Poise, where industrial balancing machines are made. While there, he helped design and build the new generation of windows-based control systems for the balancers in C++, Python, and whatever. It was good fun. Then he was at Progeny Linux Systems helping to build tools that help build custom linux distributions. From there, it was on to Object Mentor again, then a manager at Textura, and then on to a senior developer at GeoLearning? where he oversaw the transition to Agile methods and helped increase quality and time-to-market.

These days he's an expert in TDD and Agile methods. He would really like to be working in Linux whenever possible, and if it's not Python, he's okay with the idea of working in ruby, C++, C#, or even Java if there's google.


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