Time Less

Something universal, something timeless, always enduring.

Mention the word TimeLess, it has a calming and soothing effect on the BurnOut IT person already.

Perhaps a TimeOut to reflect on our life, career, and job/employment is in order.

Modern day human endeavours usually have an extreme sense of urgency about time. We live in a nanosecond society and hurrysickness is a common disease. Computer logic work on tightly timed sequences.

We relate to others at laser speed. Younger generations are trained to respond in a instant from the moment they enter society. Just watch how the pace of music has quickened in the past fifty years, or how quickly modern day TV and movies change scenes.

Yes there is an element of CulturalAssumptions taken here. Like it or not, this is becoming a GlobalConsensus. TheMediaIsTheMessage?.

Productivity is all about increasing output per unit time. Never mind the consequence of what is produced. Just produce more.

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