Tiny Wiki

Source code for TinyWiki.cgi located at http://perldesignpatterns.com/?self. (Current as of June 2011)

See http://www.perldesignpatterns.com/?TinyWiki Source code at http://www.perldesignpatterns.com/?self

Small. Hackable. Freely available (GNU GPL). Perl. Feature rich through ActiveWikiPages and satellite scripts.

Less than 100 lines by definition.

Source code to my production version - about 97 lines now: http://wiki.slowass.net/wiki.cgi?self.

There are several satellite scripts and many more features: see http://wiki.slowass.net/?TinyWiki.

TinyWiki is serving as a forum for collaborative development of (all things) a Design Patterns book for Perl. See PerlPatternsRepository.

http://phoenix.pm.org is now running a version of TinyWiki! Yay!

See http://wiki.slowass.net/?TinyWikiFour for history and source code, including the 28 line stripped down antique version. Additionally, source code can be obtained at: I'm interested in InterWikiMap and so forth - I've written a few proposals that have, well, been ignored. I'd like to recurse each Wiki's InterMap file to discover new Wikis, automate the addition of SisterSites, and so forth. Right now, I have TinyWiki rigged to link back to anywhere that links to it. I guess Wikis are really popular with the Japanese...

http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?InterWiki has some of my comments on it at the moment.

Sorry - I'm kind of squatting here. I would contribute, but I'm pretty tied up with the whole PerlPatterns thing, the MUD, "paying" contracts, and so forth. When things start to come together, I'll use this space to point to some highlights, since it is on the topic of patterns and so forth.

OddMuseWiki is doing very cool things with RSS syndication. This opens up a fourth InterWiki-supplanting option. Since most people active in the Wiki community are RecentChangesJunkies, having an aggregate change log may be all that is needed to spark more traditional hyperlinking. Which brings up...

Wikis currently have well-defined statements of what is on topic and what is acceptable use. Cross-linking could be a sensitive subject - most people running websites don't want people leaving, especially to sites that are probably and usually inferior. Is linking off site good taste? On-page syndication of the last n changes from SisterSites might be feasible where linking isn't.

-- ScottWalters


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