Tips From Paul Mc Kenney

If you have a favorite text editor, you can use it as follows:

  1. If the page already exists, cut it from the WikiWikiEditBox?.
  2. Edit it in the comfort and convenience of your favorite editor.
  3. Paste the new text back into wiki.

Ironically, at one time, this page contained an example of one downfall of using a separate text editor for editing WikiPages. Some text editors will convert the single quote preceding a word to the ` character (a reversed quote). This can cause problems when using quotes to format text for Wiki. This apparently occurred on this page, as words that were meant to be italicized looked like this: ``italicized text'', which is parsed incorrectly. -- BrentNewhall

If you see a neat effect in one of the pages, and wonder how they did it, just invoke EditText on that page. You can always just leave the page without modifying it. You can also make a list of definitions on your home machine. Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to make perfectly verbatim text, so I can't reproduce such a list here.

If you want to name a page with a single word, such as contention, capitalize one of the internal characters. It is usually best to capitalize the first consonant of the non-leading syllable that is most heavily accented. Hence, contention becomes ConTention.

If the word has only one syllable, pick a random internal letter. For example, Black does not work, nor does BLack, BlaCK, BLaCK, nor BlacK, but BlAck? and BlaCk? do. (Please do not actually make those examples into pages.)

If the word has only three letters, you are out of luck: and anD aNd aND And AnD ANd AND. In this case, your only hope is to add a noise-word, for example, LogicalAnd. This also works for black: ColorBlack?.

Important note: This one suggestion is now agreed to produce titles that are ugly and likely to be replaced. The final "noise-word" suggestion is the accepted solution. With some care, the noise is minimal and even aids in finding LikePages.

If you want to create a page, you probably want to write a line or two too, so you might as well give the page a clear and simple name, consisting of two different words. If you think this is ugly, you can create a page This_Is_Ugly instead of UgLy.

Look at [GoodStyle]


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