Top Drunk On Fast Food

TopMind keeps mentioning things like burgerkinging, promotional action figures, bargain lunches, on the cheap, ketchup (and condiments?), etc.

It sounds like TopMind is drunk on fast food, or maybe he is just joking.

This page is simply here to document all of TopMind's fast food references (As they are humorous and, useful, ehm, heh).

That vinegar in the ketchup, can be toxic to the brain! Go easy, Top - and balance with KombuchaTea.

Bwwuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppp - There's your data dump. It didn't "pass" type safety validation -- top

{What you guys don't understand is that Top goes to 'burgerking', adds some salt and ketchup, then eats the tables!!!!!}

As part of my diet, I need to switch to thin tables instead of wide ones. Otherwise, I'll need a 64-bit belly soon.
Actually, if you don't order fries or onion rings, then the nutrition value of fast food is about the same as medium-cost restaurants.
The math puzzle has been moved to TheAdjunct under MathPuzzles?.
You call that fast?!? I eat really fast food -- carrots. Carrots are fast, really fast -- you don't even have to cook 'em! ;->

DeleteWhenFried, I mean DeleteWhenCooked.

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