Tour Bus Stop

This is the WIKICENTRAL central bus stop. This wiki is called WikiWikiWeb and was in 1995 the birthplace of the wiki system. It is the center of the WikiWorld and has become the breeding place for numerous ideas and countless other wiki communities. Take your time to look around.

The WikiWikiBuses will depart anytime you're ready to leave... HONK HONK

Pages to visit here at the WikiWikiWeb:

PortlandPatternRepository: That's how it started! As a community system to look for useful and reusable patterns in software development. But the questions "What are patterns?" and "Where do they come from?" are just starting points...

ExtremeProgramming: Visit one of the centers of a software revolution that made programming efficient, satisfying and fun again. To many programmers it was like setting a bird free from its cage. Follow their path if you want to...

CategoryHomePage: Follow this link to a small and inconspicuous page. But click on its title and unroll the full list of more than 3600 members and visitors that contributed to the WikiWikiWeb since 1995 - an immense amount of creativity and expertise...

In case of questions or problems: turn to the BusManagement.

See TourBusMap for a list of all tour routes.

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