Triangle Xp Meeting Eleven

Minutes for the eleventh meeting of the TriangleXpUsersGroup (Monday November 24nd, 2003 6.30pm-8.00pm)

Location: Borders Books and Music in Cary

People (please add/update your names): (Attendance: 8)

Cohan gave us a demo of an eclipse plugin - Sangam - designed to allow two people to pair remotely (VirtualPairProgramming) -
We talked about similarities and differences between ExtremeProgramming and RationalUnifiedProcess. The key is where do you draw the line in terms of how much or how little uml / modelling you do, and if you use it only as a communication vehicle and throw it away when you're done, or if you try to keep it up to date to use to explain the system to new folks. (See AgileModeling)
The exiting idea was to learn by doing. Let's call it a practicum. The idea is to work together to practice topics we want to learn, then use an open source model to seek approval from your colleagues as we discussed during our meeting. You would be able to learn about the topics you want, build an artifact you put put in your 'portfolio', and have a network of people that could vote 'no' but mentor you or vote 'yes' and be a reference for you. It may not replace formal certification, but can be used by people who cannot pay to fly to a city and pay to take a class.

I wanted to describe it here until ya'll had a chance to see it, and later write a paper with any of you that are interested.

Cohan suggested the code we develop as part of the practicum could be put into an Open Source project.
Eight of us talked about doing xp on a small project as a way to learn and to show we've done xp.

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