Triangle Xp Meeting Five

Minutes for the fifth meeting of the TriangleXpUsersGroup (Monday March 24th, 2003 6.30pm-8pm)

People (please add/update your names): (Attendance: 11)

Here were the topics proposed with the times for the discussion in parentheses

Hopefully other attendees will post some notes, but at a high level the first discussion (F) was concerned about experiences working with "customers" on XP projects, good and bad. The second discussion (H) was prompted by an article in the March 2003 issue of Software Development by Joshua Kerievsky titled "Right Game, Wrong Team". The third (A) with experiences pairing, and the fourth (I) with running an XPFest as one of the XPUG meetings --AlexChapman

The TRIWUG meeting the next day attracted about 100 attendees to see a presentation about Eclipse. Maybe we can generate interest in our XPFest by using Eclipse. We can call it an Eclipse Demo and trick people into learning about ExtremeProgramming :-)

We should definitely invite AndyHunt, a local to Raleigh. If anything, I am convinced by the interview that sparked the following thread on the Yahoo ExtremeProgramming group:

If one of the founders of the AgileAlliance can make such misstatements about ExtremeProgramming, we should definitely invite him to an XPFest. --AlanHensel

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