Triangle Xp Meeting Nine

Minutes for the ninth meeting of the TriangleXpUsersGroup (Monday September 22nd, 2003 6.30pm-8.00pm)

Location: Barnes & Nobles in Cary

People (please add/update your names): (Attendance: 14)

Second meeting at B&N - snacks/coffee good - but for a group of 14 with speakers it was a little awkward. I think we were pretty agile in arranging ourselves, but ambient noise was a little high. Perhaps someone can line up an alternative central and free location - in the meantime I assume we'll continue to meet at B&N. --AlexChapman
KarenSmiley opened by discussing the paper on "Comparing Agile and TSP" (see AgileAndTspDiscussion and that she will be presenting at the First TSP Users Group Conference in Pittsburgh next week. As well as at an upcoming RtpSpin meeting in the area ("Agility and the Team Software Process" is now scheduled for March 2004; see and

Lots of good points on similarities between the TeamSoftwareProcess and AgileProcesses. Great discussion. A version of Karen's paper is available in the Files area of the triangle-xpug Yahoo group. --AlexChapman
TomRoche followed by demonstrating Abbot, a GUI automation tool (GuiTesting). In particular how he has used it to test SWT extensions. Excellent use of Eclipse refactoring to keep GUI tests in sync with code - avoiding the usual problems of record-and-play-back systems like WinRunner. --AlexChapman

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