Troll Pattern Fixes

I believe that content from alleged "trolls" (TrollDefinition) can be repaired or improved if one can recognize the patterns and has some guidelines to deal with them. Here is an attempt to catalog the problems and solutions.

Deleted patterns based on estimations of internal motivation. Such is not considered useful here due to FixContentNotMotivation.

Problem: OffTopic

Solution: If it's about software engineering, create or move it to the proper topic. If it isn't, consider deletion or TheAdjunct.

Problem: ThreadMess


{I would suggest you break up "mess" into kinds of messes. Most messes can be labelled as something more specific, such as duplication or altering between different topics.}

Problem: Repetition of content

Solution: Refactor topics or content to relevant or related topics to rid duplication.
Problem: Unsubstantiated claims

Solution: Ask for citations or more evidence. Avoid outright deletion so as not to trigger an EditWar.

Example: "I am a bit skeptical of that claim. Do you have citations or links to study?"

Next Problem: "What, are you incapable of using a search engine?"
Problem: Name calling or the insulting of someone's motivation or intelligence

Solution: Remove or censor insults. Example: "Your mother must have imbibed tons of alcohol when she was pregnant with you." That can be removed. Fixing accusations of negative motives is trickier and requires careful diplomacy. Avoid outright deletion unless fully off-topic.

(This is a "flamer" pattern, not a troll pattern.)

Problem: Past history of harsh etiquette

Solution: As long as they don't repeat such behavior on this wiki, I see little reason to complain. FixContentNotMotivation. Maybe they were trying to quit smoking back then or the like.
Problem: Return to past history of harsh etiquette

Solution: In this case, if there is harsh etiquette, invite them to be more polite. Maybe show them a nicer reworded version. Showing alternatives is usually a far more effective teaching technique than criticism by itself. The TrollFlag has been suggested, but may be too general and not effective.
Problem: Person complains about how evidence based on experience or anecdotes is hard to verify

Solution: Say something like, "Well, that is my experience. If your experience differs, so be it. Let's just agree to disagree." Or reply with a tag like AgreeToDisagree.
Problem: An approach is insulting

Solution: Reword and soften or request a rework.

Example Problem: "That code is bloated garbage."

Example Fix: "I think that code could be simplified. Here is an example...." or as a response "Could you please be more specific and perhaps offer an alternative wording? Calling it 'garbage' is also not very friendly. Do you mean 'verbose'?"

Problem: Posts lots of topics or content that nobody else seems interested in.

Solution: See WalledGarden.

See also: CriticizeDiplomatically
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