True Relational To Pseudo Relational Impedance Mismatch

The TrueRelationalToPseudoRelationalImpedanceMismatch is a label that could be used for the set of problems that could be encountered when using a PseudoRelationalDatabase? (BagAtational?), as the mechanism for storing the data for a TrueRelationalToPseudoRelationalMapper.

Does it really exist? Does it.. for example, force you to allow nulls in your otherwise perfectly complaint TrueRelationalToPseudoRelationalMapper? or those are just problems with particular implementations ?

Some of the possible mismatches could be:

Are this real problems/mismatches? or perhaps TrueRelationalToPseudoRelationalImpedanceMismatchDoesNotExist? and one can perfectly wrap PseudoRelationalDatabase? under a TrueRelationalMapper?? or perhaps that wrapping is only possible as long as the PseudoRelationalDatabase? has TuringComplete PersistentStoredModules?

Discussion on what is PseudoRelational? (and its differences with TrueRelational?) moved to PseudoRelationalDefinitionDiscussion

See also BagSetImpedanceMismatch

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