Trust But Verify

MeatBall has already a good reference to further details on the concept of TrustButVerify. My view is we need lots more verification for the same level of trust we grant people we interact with, compared to just a few decades ago.

And on this open wiki, where an excellent analogy of a bar was made, more verification is needed due to the combination of:

On the subject of UserName

While maintaining respect for the RealNamesOnlyOrAnonymous viewpoint (more so as WardCunningham preferred it this way), I hate to say that NeKs made some valid points and we need to MakeRoomForAllViewpoints. I hope those discussing this subject can AgreeToDisagree and both redirect their energies to bigger issues at WardsWiki.

One of the issues with RealNames is that TrustButVerify tests have shown people who consistently use RealName suffer more from WikiNoisePollution.

And the use of RealName diminishes the RightToVanish in this age of the BigBrother. -- Trying-Anon-for-now

See also TrustAndResponsibility

ShatteredGlass UserStory

I have recently seen the movie ShatteredGlass which is a docudrama that told the story of a real life journalist for a reputable magazine who had a short period of fame through getting a series of sensational but fabricated stories published there. Subsequently a GoogleSearch led to this link for people who is interested WhatHappened to this individual, date in URL. ef,1,5612367.story?coll=bal-perspective-headlines [dead link 7/11/2005] Note I wished the SocietyWithoutMediaIsBetter page is still around as this story merit some discussion about related topics, for example "changes in Value systems".


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