Try Like Pages

This is a WikiTag, that is well kind of a meta category.

Use it to hint to the WikiReader to try LikePages, because that likely turns up interesting links.

Of course you can use LikePages always anyway, but sometimes it is not so obvious, what this will bring. But a WikiGnome or other experienced WikiZen may guess that this is worthwhile (e.g. because (s)he just searched for an appropriate CategoryCategory...).
Note: I just (2005/09/06) added this tag to a page, but I had this feeling quite often, that a tag, which I could not quite name, fit as a replacement for a not existent category. I will probably add this tag to quite a few pages when I'm WikiGnomeing. -- GunnarZarncke

AnswerMe: I have added it a few times now (2005/11/04) and would like feedback about it. -- .gz
If you know there are like pages, why not just add a traditional "see also"?

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