Trygve Reenskaug

	Trygve M. H. Reenskaug
	Professor II emeritus 
	Institutt for informatikk, University of Oslo

Morgedalsvn. 5 N-0378 Oslo, Norway

Snailmail: Morgedalsvn. 5, N-0378 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: +47 22495727

Trygve introduced ModelViewController into Smalltalk while visiting XeroxParc. He also wrote one of the articles in the famous SmalltalkIssueOfByte.

Trygve has a book entitled Working With Objects: The OOram Software Engineering Method with co-authors P. Wold and O.A.Lehne. He dedicates the book to DougEngelbart ...

	... because he made us understand that computers 
	should be used to augment the human intellect rather 
	than to replace it, and because his deep understanding 
	of the symbiosis between humans and information is 
	still far ahead of the rest of us.

(p.s. from AlistairCockburn - - - I just learned that Trygve's last name is pronounced as "rain skau" (silent 'g', rhymes with 'how'). Try pronouncing it the Norwegian way if you meet him!) (and if he doesn't approve of it, let me know and take this message off!)

Trygve has been defining and working with RoleModeling for some years now.

To Supplement on that as the authentic Norwegian(tm) I am it's pronounced "Treegve Renskau". Pretty close the anyway as "rain" is in Norwegian "regn" and a reindeer is a "rein" in Norwegian

Working With Objects: The OOram Software Engineering Method is on Amazon, but it's apparently out of print: (I didn't see an ISBN).

Working With Objects: The OOram Software Engineering Method can be found at the Manning site:

As people have said elsewhere it is not a simple read but is rife with interesting ideas.

Paul Karsten


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