Turing Language

A toy language created for teaching/learning programming.

See http://www.holtsoft.com/turing/

One of the worst languages I've ever had to tackle. Come on! Drawfillmapleleaf??? -- RobHarwood

Well, given that the language was written at the University of Toronto, such a function is very necessary. How else would a beginning Canadian programmer be able to show their patriotism. There is also a drawfillstar function for those south of the border :).

In all seriousness, Turing was created for teaching purposes. it was the first language I was ever taught (in grade 7 at that), and I was able to write some pretty complex programs for it before I moved on to C. Turing is quite simple, and has very specific error messages. A great language to learn programming IMO. Nowadays I hear they use visual basic. -- DrewCrampsie
Example taken from above site:

Here is a complete Turing program that repeatedly picks a random number from 1 to 6 until it picks a 6.

    % Roll a die until you get 6.  (This line is a comment)
    var die : int
        randint (die, 1, 6)
        exit when die = 6
        put "This roll is ", die
    end loop
    put "Stopping with roll of 6"

It was a pretty nice language. It sawed off most of the nasty things about Pascal. I once designed a language which borrowed much of its syntax. -- MichaelFeathers

Nice features. Definitely non-C.

[RobHarwood deals with VB :-( ]

-- Michael J Vielhaber

You can do a hell of a lot worse than C. This is not a compliment to C.

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