Use By Date

WisdomBegins by acknowledging most human endeavours, including WikiPages such as this one, have a UseByDate.

The illusion that all pages are still fresh is a DeceptivePractice. -- from TemporalContext at MeatBall

WikiPages can have more potential, in terms of LifeTime, than static writings from literary giants, but they do need maintenance from time to time. Even the best pages require RepairingContextualDamage.

I again urge people to consider the use of UseByDateException WikiTag to draw attention to pages with outdated information.

Visible SelfTalk

If we accept a WikiPage has UseByDate, then is it useful to add an entry like The above thought came about when I encountered pages I am not sure whether the contents are still relevant. The syntax mentioned would provide a reference point relative to the creation date of the page.

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