Use Case Patterns

At OOPSLA '98 there was a workshop on Use Case Patterns, chaired by PaulBramble. Other participants included: AlistairCockburn, GregGibson, SteveAdolph, JohnArtrim, LennyEstrin?, TedLefkowitz?, BenLieberman, SusanLilly, AndyPols?, RickRatliff?, DanRawsthorne, and LipingZhao?.

The original patterns submitted by the participants can be viewed at

Maybe we can continue our work here on the Wiki?

Use Case Patterns Catalog

Steve Adolph Jan 5 1999

After a 6 month hiatus, here is something that one day might be a pattern language. The following is our first serious attempt at a sketch of the use case pattern language.

Actually there are two pattern languages here, the first set of pattern represents what SteveAdolph thinks may represent a pattern language for modeling in general.

The Modeling Pattern Language Summary The Use Case Pattern Language Summary

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