Using Patterns

Design Problems? Design Solutions.

Would you like to spend a long weekend in a Victorian castle broadening your understanding of software patterns, learning how to use them better, meeting the experts and having some fun? If so, then UP '97, the first workshop on Using Patterns, is for you. Come join us!

UP is a gathering of pattern enthusiasts. UP will focus on using patterns to make software development productive and fulfilling. It will be highly participatory. It will be a place for us to share experience and increase our understanding of patterns. There will be sessions for all of us, no matter whether we are newcomers or pattern experts. We will look at the effective use of all kinds of patterns, from design patterns to analysis patterns to management patterns, from old patterns to newly described patterns.

All sessions will be small and focused on results, allowing us to discuss, debate and learn from each other.

UP is being held at the spectacular Mohonk Mountain House (visible from the UP web site), about 2 hours north of NYC, from Friday, March 7th to Sunday, March 9th, 1997. To learn more about UP, visit us on the web at:

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