Utility Ofa Meta Channel

So much of the Wiki is becoming meta or TripleMeta discussion about what should or shouldn't go on a page, or conversations between anonymous contributors with no HomePage. Perhaps the community might want to consider some form of MetaChannel? for all this.

Standard for this wiki

There are some QuickTopic boards relating to this wiki which are effectively meta-channels, and now a WikiChannel mailing list.

Other ideas

(^- this is a double bar on purpose. It got deleted by a well-intentioned editor. Supporting evidence that the DoubleBar? idea never really caught on.)

I'm going to begin using this WikiBadge when I see which could benefit from this. This is mainly to get a better sense of just how bad/not bad the problem is. Let it live for a while, if no-one like the tag, it'll be easy enough to do a reverse search later.

Sunir, if you're lurking, I'm especially interested in your thoughts on this, even a cf to an appropriate MeatballWiki page would give me some good reading.

The fourth option above notes that xDiscussion pages never seem to go away as a con. Is that really a bad thing? It is often quite instructive to follow the course of discussion that led to a DocumentMode page.

It would depend on whether the discussion is an unrefined form of the document or whether the discussion is just meta on how to structure the document. I can't see much use for the latter.

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