Vba Unit

VbaUnit is a TestingFramework written in VisualBasicForApplications for use with Microsoft applications such as Excel, Access, Outlook, etc. It is distributed under a BsdLicense as open source.

"Necessity is the mother of invention. Laziness is the mother of necessity." -- anon

VBAUnit was born out of necessity and hence laziness. I personally don't like working with VBA on big projects, but sometimes you have to. I wrote VBAUnit for a project I was working on with MS Access. I had recently converted to ExtremeProgramming, and needed to write automated unit-tests. I like to write automated unit-tests because I'm lazy and don't like to spend hours and hours debugging code. There were already two versions of VBUnit at the time, but neither worked particularly well with VBA (the ActiveX requirement is the killer). Fortunately, KentBeck and ErichGamma, the authors of the very popular JUnit (see JavaUnit), were good enough to write up their design for JUnit in a document called JunitCooksTour, which I used extensively to help me develop the equivalent design in VBA. I highly recommend it. I also borrowed some concepts from the first two versions of VbUnit.

VBAUnit got the job done. Unfortunately, I haven't had much need for it since, so it has kind of stagnated. This version of VBAUnit is supplied as-is. There are a few unresolved problems and the odds are very close to zero that I will ever fix them. Also, I will not be actively maintaining VBAUnit documentation (you may notice a lack of comments in the code).

If there is anyone out there who would like to take over the VBAUnit code and documentation, I encourage you to do so. Contact me by email at rharwood at rapid-programming.com if you have any questions.

VBAUnit code and samples can be downloaded at Project site: -- RobHarwood
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