Vbe Xtreme Team

The VB Extreme Team is a team of 6 developers (currently) founded by SteveJorgensen so that its members can practice and learn ExtremeProgramming on a real project. The team meets one full day per week, and does as much of a complete ExtremeProgramming process as possible, given that they must do things like put on the CustomerHat?, etc. For running tests, the team is using VbLiteUnit, also written by SteveJorgensen.

The product that the team is producing is a set of tools to make it easier to do better quality software development with VisualBasic, VisualBasicForApplications, and MicrosoftAccess. At this time, the focus is on VBA and using a MixedCodeGeneration system to help manage duplicated code that cannot be easily factored out any other way, such as ErrorHandling code.

There is a WebLog to chronicle the progress of the VB Extreme Team at http://timestream.net/learningxp.

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