Very Mild Xp Okay Discussion

Whether or not you agree with the statements on VeryMildXpOkay doesn't mean it isn't worth exploring. As a fan of ExtremeProgramming, I personally think that it is important to be aware of the perceptions of those who aren't. XP may have unknown limitations, and I (for one) would like to know what they are. There are so few people who speak out against XP on Wiki, that it is a refreshing opportunity to learn more about its limitations, even if they turn out to be misconceptions.

Please keep in mind that the original author may subscribe to NoNamesPlease, and there's plenty of space where XP proponents have listed its merits. Please link back to those pages when offering rebuttals.

The point is that this is just a rehash of more nuanced, articulate, and interesting Xp discussion elsewhere on the wiki. A better idea would be to go and contribute to those specific topics rather than creating a page that exists in limbo between a Category page and a detail page. Then please help to refactor the discussion in that direction. The first step towards that was taken 13 May 03. Don't dismiss a legitimate attempt at discussion.

I wouldn't dismiss a legitimate attempt at discussion if the writer honestly took the 15 seconds it takes to find the right topic(s) on wiki and post opinions there, where discussion is happening on exactly what's been posted on this page. This page is simply laziness. All the links that have been subsequently posted here are telling signs of this. ...much like the XpDoesBigDesignAllTheTime? page is a lazy rehash of ContinuousDesign? The phenomenon is widespread, and complaining only excacerbates the issue. Please refactor instead.

No other page seems to encapsulate the concept: XP may be too extreme, but some XP practices in small doses are okay. Keeping the page keeps the discussion in one place. Deleting it spreads the discussion all over the place. Since many other concepts contribute to the pro-XP side of the debate, we get a lot of links. However, there isn't any other page (that I know about) that provides a home for the debate itself.

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