Virtual Reality Modeling Language

Virtual Reality Modeling Language

VRML - Pronounced either "vee-are-em-ell" or "VER-mul"
VRML is an abbreviation for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. You might see some references to Virtual Reality Markup Language, which is what VRML was called at the very beginning -- taking its cue from HTML: Hypertext Markup Language -- but it's been several years since people realized that our vision could be and ought to be a good deal bigger than simply marking up text to add on 3D capabilities.

On Using VRML

Criticism and Comparison

VRML always been somewhat contraversial. I put this in to leave space for pointers...


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An XML markup which does the same as VRML is X3D. Cortona plugin supports both. For 2D images ScalableVectorGraphics is simpler.
A WTC Memorial site that lets you go inside and see NY from the observation deck. See
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