Visual Shared Model

The Visual Shared Model

One of the TgpPrinciples of the TgpMethodology. For the whole picture please see TgpArchitecture.

Briefly,the shared model provides an architecture of collaboration of developers with BusinessProfessionals. The TGP shared model aims to respond to dynamic changes in some areas of the software - creating flexible zones that are easy to adjust. Furthermore, the adjustments should be executed by the businessprofessionals who are not programmers; hence, the collaboration using the TGP VisualSharedModel takes place in a safe declarative area of the software, using a graphic editor (see TgpArchitecture and TgpProcess).

In a sense, a TGP shared model is a map of the anticipated and actual flexible areas of the software. The basic structure of a TGP shared model is presented in the following figure:

-- ShaiBenYehuda and OriInbar
The above conveys little without definitions and explanations, preferably related to the VSM for a specific business application.

Most of the definitions and explanations are are in detailed in TgpArchitecture. Examples of implementing the TGP shared model are presented in TgpBackground and IdfImplementation. -- OriInbar

I'll read those pages. I note that IdfImplementation makes no mention of the VSM.

Thanks, the TGP shared model is mentioned in IdfImplementation now... however, talking about Types, ProfileTemplates and Profiles is talking about the TGP shared model. The shared model is the collaborative work, structuring these elements to create the model, according to specific rules. -- OriInbar
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