Ward Please Reinstate Recent Posts

Ward, will you please reinstate RecentPosts? I think that it is ridiculous that it has been taken down. It is one of the few tools we have to fight spammers, and it is really the only way to know who has been messing with what.

NewRecentChanges isn't good enough? -- IanOsgood

[No. It has limitations that make it difficult to determine with certainty who has made the most recent edit.]

Obviously, since someone went back and mis-punctuated my contribution without generating an extra HistDiff. I consider this a WikiBug? to be fixed.

NewRecentChanges gets fouled-up/fooled too easily. If we had RecentPosts back, then we could tell who, what, when, a bit better. The way things are now, it is sometimes hard to tell who is a BlackHat and who is a WhiteHat. Throw in that maddening SharkBot, then things really get ugly (especially since no-one seems to update the bot to a better corrected version of pages it insists on restoring... although anyone can do that).

Well... Without RecentPosts, this WikiSucks. Watching what is going on, and tracking changes made by certain IP addresses, and with the spoofing of user cookies, without RecentPosts this Wiki has become the WildWildWest? of a mess. No way to track who is really doing what. The one thing that I can say, is that there is a whole lot of funny business, and not necessarily by the bad guys.

What is "funny business"? Could you be less vague? Who are "bad guys"? Grammar V.?

Oh my! I had an epiphany today, and I can't believe that after all of these years, I have been so SlowToLearn?. Of course Ward is not going to turn RecentPosts back on, because he is a minimalist, and a strong advocate of doing TheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork. It's not about what would be best, or perfection, but about what is the least that will work. He now has NewRecentChanges which sort-of shows who's IP address has been doing what, in a round-about way that can easily be fooled and fouled, but that's good enough I guess...

It has now been 3 years since this request was made, and the problem has only grown bigger. There is this GrammarVandal that spoofs anyone's UserCookie? and UserName that they find useful, and this has caused much confusion. The conditions now are very similar to that of when RecentPosts was first implemented, and I fail to see why reinstating this tool would not be in the best interest of everyone on Wiki (except GrammarVandal and other such reprobates/delinquents). Please reinstate this tool!!!

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