Wcp Status

October 2005

The basic features are here and working and have even been shown to very few people from the already small audience at WikiSym speed demos session.

I'm soliciting community input on WcpUseCases.

Implemented: Missing, will be implemented in short time (less than a month, more like a week): Planned to implement in medium time: In the long term:

If anybody is willing to volunteer, before I set up a CVS somewhere (sourceforge or someplace else) to receive of email of 100 kbytes of source code, and send me back comments as to what would be needed before publishing it as open-source (I know it needs some cleanup and some guide around the code, but I could use some suggestions ). Write on my homepage CostinCozianu

2005-10-23: requested a project space from SourceForge; they'll give me an answer by tomorrow. I'll make a public commitment to have EssExpression templates implemented by the end of October. Once that is done, I can use help on a large scale by asking people to contribute to the area where I am weakest: HTML, CSS and maybe JavaScript. -- Costin

2006-03-07: I have just come back from the site where I got the following mesage: You have indicated some areas in which help can be given. Are there any specific tasks this wiki community can help provide? -- drn

Let me respond briefly. Currently I wouldn't expect anybody would feel atracted to the code base. Because of lack of time and programming in 1-2 hours bursts, the code base is not very easy to comprehend. If somebody however is courageous enough I am more then willing to respond to details about the structure of the code and what is up for grab, and there are a bunch of hard implementation tasks to be solved.

If, however somebody is willing to help with less demanding (but not less important!) tasks, here is a list that are up for grab immediately: I am currently working to get rid of the demo JSPs without being locked to hard coded Java code (be that servlets, or other fancy, but nevertheless Java, frameworks. The dynamic web pages (changes, history, etc) will be programmable in a language with roughly the same syntax (WcpEssExpressions based ) as the wiki content. Once this is done, the bootstrapping wiki pages that define this functionality will be packaged with the code, and will be editable. Once that is done I will release a package. --Costin

Successes are not claimed without a lot of hard work. -- drn


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