Web Gui Fix Poll

This is a WikiPoll? to ascertain opinions on the controversial yet important issue of what to do about the frustrating state of web/http-based GUI development. If you wish to vote, please list your handle as shown in the first item, or just increment the "Anonymous" count by one if you want your vote to remain anonymous. Also feel free to add new reasons, as long as you are careful about overlaps. You can vote in multiple categories, but try to limit it to two if possible.
The best fix for the current web/http-based GUI problem is:

1. The browser environment is fine the way it is, or expecting better is unrealistic due to the complexities of desired GUI's: 2. A new GUI-friendly markup language is needed that has common GUI idioms built in, reducing need to hand-code them or send huge libraries to client: 3. JavaScript is insufficient as a browser infrastructure/library language such that another programming language is needed: 4. A single source library is needed for the "browser" base code (such as all C or all Java) so that standards are not a matter of interpretation of textual rules/standards. This may require completely redoing existing browsers: 5. AJAX and/or other JavaScript-based libraries just need to be perfected over time: 6. A new DOM is needed:
I remember vote numbers. Did a vandal wipe them out? I saw that the page got clobbered recently and maybe was restored from an archive that was before voting activity? Hmmm. Either that, the vandal wiped my own memory; at least I'll blame it on them.
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