Web Master

A WebMaster is a broad term which describes an occupation which involves the use of many tools in the production and maintenance of a Web site.

Skill in the use of some of the following is required:
 MacromediaDreamweaver, MacromediaFlash, Fireworks MX, MacromediaDirector, GoLive, business writing, 
 Web contracts, Web writing, search engine optimization, design concepts, Web design, PSP, 
 PhotoShop, AdobeIllustrator?, HypertextMarkupLanguage, HTML Forms, CascadingStyleSheets, HTML Tables,
 XHTML, ExtensibleMarkupLanguage, ActiveServerPages, SQL, MySQL, PerlLanguage, JavaScriptLanguage?, JavaServerPages, PHP, 
 Corel Draw, as well as familiarity with the leading WebBrowsers. 

Some Web sites have more than one individual fulfilling WebMaster responsibilities.

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