Whack On The Side Of The Head

A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative

ISBN 0446674559 Oh Foolish Student... Follow my logic or face the power of my extended palm. A blow given to the thought center of a creature or thinking device. It is believed that such a hit will cause the recipient to realize their logical conclusion or statement is wrong, and to use the one presented by the hitter. Since this action is to drive the recipient to a prestated result, it is the opposite of a ZenSlap. Sometimes, the blow will be given to the most accessible area of the recipient... the shins, the toes, the posterior, or a computer's monitor. PedroCartagena

NintendoEntertainmentSystem? was into this sort of thing.

An AttitudeAdjustmentTool. See also PercussiveMaintenance.

Popular book on creativity by RogerVonOech?. It is supplemented by the CreativeWhackPack.

-- ToddCoram

If you insist on buying one of them, stick to the CreativeWhackPack. The book does not add much value. ---MartineDevos

See ObliqueStrategies

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