What Is

A method for creating WikiNames for pages that define terms. Typically, you would prefix the term you are defining with WhatIs as in WhatIsAnAgent. You can also use the methods described in WikiCategories as an alternative to using this WhatIs. These methods allow you to organize content without requiring the page to use a naming convention.

For a list of all pages associated to definitions: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?search=CategoryDefinition

On 30 April 2007, http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?search=WhatIs returned the following:

SourceCodeIsDesignWhatIsSourceCode WhatIs WhatIsAnAdvancer WhatIsAnAgent WhatIsAnEvent WhatIsAnObject WhatIsAnalysis WhatIsAnalysisAttempt WhatIsAnalysisContinued WhatIsAppleThinking WhatIsBof WhatIsCivilization WhatIsClosure WhatIsCmmi WhatIsComputerScienceGoodFor WhatIsConsciousness WhatIsCopulism WhatIsCovariance WhatIsData WhatIsDelegation WhatIsDesign WhatIsDiscipline WhatIsDuke WhatIsEntropy WhatIsExtremeProgramming WhatIsFail WhatIsFoo WhatIsGeneralization WhatIsGoodDesign WhatIsGoodOoCode WhatIsInPlanNine WhatIsInformation WhatIsIntegrity WhatIsInteractionDesign WhatIsLeadership WhatIsLeftOrRightWing WhatIsLiberal WhatIsLove WhatIsMetaphor WhatIsNatural WhatIsNotInPlanNine WhatIsNull WhatIsObjectIdentity WhatIsPlay WhatIsQuality WhatIsQuicken WhatIsRecentChanges WhatIsRefactoring WhatIsRelativism WhatIsReworking WhatIsRssFor WhatIsScience WhatIsSignal WhatIsSimplest WhatIsSimplicity WhatIsSoa WhatIsSocialism WhatIsSoftware WhatIsSoftwareDesign WhatIsSourceCode WhatIsSuccess WhatIsSyntax WhatIsTao WhatIsTechnology WhatIsTheDifferenceBetweenaPatternAndAnInsight WhatIsTheNameOfThisPage WhatIsTheSourceCode WhatIsTheWaterStrategyOfaFish WhatIsThisThingCalledUnix WhatIsThread WhatIsUbiquity WhatIsWithAmericanDates WhatIsWork WhatIsWrongWithTerminalServices WhatIsWrongWithTheGeneralVisualBasicApproach WhatIsXmlAnyway WhatIsaCommunity WhatIsaFactor WhatIsaKernel WhatIsaManager WhatIsaModel WhatIsaParadigm WhatIsaPointer WhatIsaProject WhatIsaRealTechnician WhatIsaReferent WhatIsaSmell WhatIsaSpecificationAnyway WhatIsaThunk WhatisQuicken

Also, a user-supported search-engine: http://whatis.com

They don't know: Instead of suggesting them the above listed items piecewise, you might want to extend the list and send them a link to this page.

I'll move this stuff to MeatballWiki and leave a pointer here. -- FridemarPache

Update: http://whatis.com is now redirected to http://whatis.techtarget.com/

Update2: by now they actually know what "wiki" is... and as of 20070430 as

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