What Is Duke

Note that Duke is LeftHanded!

No, he is just standing by the road, waving at cars passing, in England

Did you ever wonder what Duke, the mascot of JavaLanguage, is supposed to be anyway? An alcoholic penguin or a metronome?

See http://java.sun.com/features/1999/05/duke.html - "Duke was actually a representation of the "software agent" that performed tasks for the user. The device that contained the user interface was called *7 (pronounced "star seven"), after a feature of the phone system in the Green Team's office."

Misinterpretations of what Duke is:

(Ah, but how do we know that these are misinterpretations? Duke might really be one of these... ;-)

Duke looks like a StarTrek comm badge to me. -- ChanningWalton

I thought so too when I first saw him. So much so in fact, that I made a short animation of him touching his nose(requisite beedly boop noise), and beaming up 2 seconds later....'dillo

And here I always thought Duke was a "planchette" (the reading puck) from a OuijaBoard. (Really!)

I once saw a small child running away screaming "NO EYES!!!" when he saw a Duke mascot.

That proves it: Duke is CategoryEvil. ;->
I thought it is the WisdomTooth? that was lost during Java creation. HaHaOnlySerious

When i see Duke i can't feeel blue

I tend to associate Duke with playing cards. He sort of resembles the "spade" glyph on a standard playing card deck, but without the tail.

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