What Was Wiki Like Before Xp

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I'm a newcomer here. WhatWasWikiLikeBeforeXp? It sounds like it was a fun place. -- JonGrover

Before the ExtremeProgramming community moved in, this place was known primarily as the PortlandPatternRepository. Discussions about DesignPatterns were predominant, and a number of members of the patterns community were regular contributors. But the volume of ExtremeProgramming discussion quickly obscured the purely pattern-oriented discussion, and a number of the pattern contributors gave up on this wiki, moving off to form their own wikis (e.g. PatternStoriesWiki) or email/usenet discussion groups.

I'm not saying that this has been bad. One could say that ExtremeProgramming has made this wiki more successful in terms of volume and variety of content than the DesignPatterns discussion. -- JeffGrigg

I first came here in 2000, when RecentChanges was filled with interesting discussions on XP. I kind of miss Wiki during XP. -- AndersBengtsson

Yes, remember how interesting Wiki was when it was about software development!

That means its time to start talking about something else

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