Whatsa Language

Some define a language as its notation and syntax. And they're usually wrong. For example XML defines a basic syntax and basic notation, and is called a mark up language. It does not have any meaning until someone actually does something with the XML. Similarly one can parse HTML or SGML and do anything with it that they want.
          procedure hello; 
           // same language, but different compilers have different semantics of integer on the same CPU
          var i: integer;
               for i:= low(i) to high(i) do writeln(i);

Others argue whether XML really is a language, even though it is called a Markup Language.

Some argue that a "language" is a whole bunch of things. Are "Languages" as we know them, not clearly defined?

Different standards or types of LanguageLanguages exist.. for example there is Old English, C99, Common Lisp, Some Other Lisp, Ada 95, Ada 8x, etc.


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