Whatsa Wiki

Ward Cunningham, the originator of the WikiWay, has been interviewed and is mentioned along with his book in an article in PC Magazine:

The article: "What's a Wiki?" By Sebaastian Rupley in the May 9th issue, 2003.

Ward mentions an important feature of wikis: Fragility
"articles added to a wiki are at the editorial mercy of the wiki's other participants"

The article says: "The positive spin on the fragility of a wiki though, is that any flames or spam can be immediately removed so that wikis imbue good participants with a kind of survival-of-the-fittest power. "You need to generate real content," says one wiki source on the Web. "Anything else will be removed. So anyone can play, but only good players last."

It appears that wikis are being noticed by more and more people who haven't the slightest notion of what a wiki is, but want to know.

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