Wheat Language

Wheat is a language and environment, created by MarkLentczner, for creating dynamic web sites like blogs and portals: Every object has a URI (UniformResourceIdentifier), the virtual machine is a web server, and the development environment is a Wiki.

It is a PrototypeBasedLanguage.

It has DynamicTyping with StrongTyping (including a few novel types like error, unknown, and path).

It lacks GarbageCollection but instead aims to have the semantics of objects resemble those of files or web pages: an object's lifetime is linked to the lifetime of its container. Just as a filename or URL can later point to different contents or nothing, so a path to a Wheat object can later point to different objects or nothing. The most similar system is ZopeApplicationServer. Zope is built on PythonLanguage, and the question is whether the semantics of PythonLanguage objects are as convenient as Wheat object semantics for this kind of system.

The current implementation is OpenSource.

Lots more at http://www.wheatfarm.org/

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